• Vanessa Forouzan
    Vanessa Forouzan

    Having navigated the real estate market through various agents, my journey had been nothing short of challenging until I met Mehran. Recommended by a friend who had a positive experience, Mehran stood out in a realm where I’ve been consistently let down. My standards are admittedly high, given the significance of buying or selling properties, and my experiences had left me wanting more. However, Mehran not only met but exceeded my expectations in a manner that was both refreshing and commendable.

    What set Mehran apart was not just his ability to secure a stellar deal for my unit—selling it at a price that set a new high in my building—but also his attentiveness to my specific concerns. Past realtors had failed to truly listen or align with my needs, a cycle I dreaded repeating. Mehran, on the other hand, demonstrated a genuine commitment to understanding and addressing my concerns, making the sales process significantly less stressful than I had anticipated.

    His approach to my next purchase, a presale unit, further solidified my confidence in his expertise. Mehran took the time to sit down with me, going over comps in meticulous detail, ensuring that I was making an informed decision. This level of dedication and personalized service is rare and incredibly valuable, especially in a market as complex and dynamic as real estate.

    It’s important to me that anyone I recommend to my friends and family is someone who has proven themselves through exceptional service and results. Mehran has done just that. His professionalism, market knowledge, and commitment to exceeding client expectations make him a standout realtor. If you’re in search of an agent who truly cares about your real estate goals, look no further than Mehran.

  • Rozita Zadeh
    Rozita Zadeh
    I worked with my agent Mehran 3 times to buy and sell home, and I’m so glad I chose him . He was extremely knowledgeable , responsible about the local market and made the whole process feel effortless.I can’t thank him enough! His keen eye for detail and understanding of my needs were commendable. I Highly recommend him to anyone want to find them dream home.
  • Alex Rodde
    Alex Rodde
    Real estate transactions can be very stressful for people. Our experience with Mehran was exceptional. He handled everything in a professional manner, demonstrating his expertise in the market and his genuine passion for helping people. Thanks to Mehran, our transaction went smoothly. He is a trustworthy individual who truly cares about what is important to you!
  • Ladan Rahbary
    Ladan Rahbary
    Mehran is an exceptional realtor. Caring, respectful, great listener, patient and trustworthy. He put my interest his number one priority! Thank you for being you. You are amazing🙏 recommend him 100%! He will find your ideal home, I promise you. Ladan
  • Ali Tehrani
    Ali Tehrani
    If you’re considering either buying or selling your home, look no further. You’ve found your realtor! Mehran Salari is extremely knowledgeable about the Vancouver property market. Undoubtedly, he is the best real estate agent in Vancouver. He is very humble, knowledgeable, serious, motivated, caring and reliable. Anyone looking for a trustworthy realtor should contact him! I’m very pleased with his service and definitely recommend him!
  • Reza Eynakchi
    Reza Eynakchi
    Wow! The best realtor I have ever dealt with. Very professional, experienced and helpful. He made buying an apartment such a breeze. He is an excellent negotiator with a very personalized touch. He was extremely honest, upfront, and was able to find me a great apartment that fit right in my price range! He was extremely communicative and easy to reach to answer any of my questions at all times. Highly recommended!
  • Majid Ghobadi
    Majid Ghobadi
    I had a pleasant experience working with Mehran Salari as my real estate agent. His calm demeanor, professionalism and expertise when writing offers make his service exceptional. He previously found us a place that really feels like ‘home’ and I highly recommend him. Thank you Mehran!
  • Shima
    Mehran makes you feel as if you are his one and only client. I can’t speak highly enough of my experience with him as a picky second-time home buyer. He is knowledgeable and very passionate about his job, He makes your buying decisions a very satisfying experience. In addition, He has his own tactics in negotiations and goes above and beyond to get the best offer on the property. From the house showing to negotiations, inspections, closing he was with me every step of the way and I couldn’t get any better deal in downtown Vancouver. On top of all these values he is very responsible, responsive, and resourceful. I was fascinated by his level of professionalism on setting up the contract. There is nothing that escapes Mehran’s attention when it comes to terms of contract from the GST to the rest of the amendments. In a nutshell, I would say Mehran is the best personal Real Estate agent I’ve ever worked with and I highly recommend him.
  • Aaleest Home
    Aaleest Home
    Mehran is very passionate about his profession and very hardworking. He tries his best to address clients’concerns with realiatic solutions. He provides very useful information about updated real state situation. I enjoyed working with him and highly recommend Mehran for your investments.
  • Ashkan Khosh magham
    Ashkan Khosh magham
    I’ve changed a few agents, till Mehran was introduced to me by one of my friends who just got an amazing deal. He is indeed different from everyone else I’ve ever worked with! Such a patient, professional person who gives you the best advices you never thought about before. I think one of his main skills is in the negotiation part and generally speaking, he made everything super simple and easy for me not only till I found my favorite place, but also after that until the completion. “Highly recommended!”
  • Shakiba Mohammadi
    Shakiba Mohammadi
    Mehran is the person whom you should count on for all your real estate transactions. He is very much sophisticated and does business with full integrity and transparency. I personally had a wonderful experience working with him. What he does; he builds relationships with individuals approaching him rather than just wanting to sell them on something which is a very crucial factor I was going after.
  • Hailey Hsu
    Hailey Hsu
    Mehran is so knowledgeable and hardworking person! I highly recommend him if you’re looking for a Realtor in Vancouver.
  • Theo Giovanis
    Theo Giovanis
    I recently referred a client to Mehran in Vancouver. They were my clients in Montreal and I knew from experience that they required a lot of attention and hand holding. They were new to the city and knew nothing about the areas, he listened to their needs, was patient with them and showed them a variety of options, while covering all of their requirements (and I must say, there’s quite a few lol). I would not hesitate in referring him all of my clients moving to Vancouver.
  • Hamed “Mediterranean Grill” salehivaziri
    Hamed “Mediterranean Grill” salehivaziri
    Mehran is top notch and absolutely incredible to work with. His professionalism, knowledge, and honesty are very much appreciated and respected. He made what could have been a stressful and difficult process as seamless as could be. Mehran sold our house. Mehran was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and responsive. His professionalism, expertise and excellent interpersonal skills helped us to buy our dream house with a very good deal. I definitely recommend Mehran team to those who want to buy or sell houses very smoothly and stressless.
  • Arash Sharifi Fard
    Arash Sharifi Fard
    The Man of Negotiations! This is how I would like to describe and bold Mehran . He purchased my dream Condo in downtown Vancouver 50K under seller’s asking price!!! I couldn’t be happier and can’t say enough how grateful I am . Mehran is smart , hardworking and dedicated to his work.He got strategy for his negotiations that will really helps you to get the best deals . Thank you so much Mehran jan , you did a great job🙏 And can’t wait for our next cooperation 🥂
  • Niusha Mogharebi
    Niusha Mogharebi
    Mehran is not only a great human being, but has an extreme abundance of patience and understanding. I admit that me and my family were a bit overwhelmed by the whole process of selling our property. Mehran was there every step of the way, giving us honest advise and direction.Thank you Mehran aziz for all you have done for us.
  • Mahdokht Shafaie
    Mahdokht Shafaie
    My experience with Mehran through a pre-sale purchase was a 5-star. He is not one of those pushy realtors who derail you in direction that’s way far from your goals and needs. He aims you to carefully guide you through your property purchase path. On top, he is very responsive, organized and patient.
  • Charles Park
    Charles Park
    It was a great experience doing business with Mehran. He would have all of my referrals from now on. I wish to reward him with more than 5 stars.
  • Fariborz Mazarei
    Fariborz Mazarei
    Working with Mehran was a pleasant experience. He is knowledgeable, efficient, punctual , energetic and very polite. I highly recommend him.
  • Mehdi Abbasi
    Mehdi Abbasi
    As a newcomer to Vancouver, I had a feeling not able to buy any property in a Vancouver market. This feeling and thought went away up to the time I met Mehran firstly. He is not only a professional and knowledgeable advisor but his perseverance, professional attitude, responsibility and dedication lead to good results. Per my experience, he is a valuable source for those who have plans to buy their dreamy property.
  • Arastoo Mahmoudi
    Arastoo Mahmoudi
    I recently referred a client to Mehran and got to see how he takes care of his client first hand. He cares a lot about his clients and is always looking after their specific goals and budget. He truly believes in the necessity of financial planning prior for a stressless purchase of a home, which is definitely appreciated by my team.
  • Marya Sal
    Marya Sal
    Mehran Salari is a very professional real estate agent who listened to my specific wants and needs. I can’t speak highly enough of my experience with Mehran .I would need many more than 140 characters to explain how awesome Mehran was throughout the entire apartment purchase process. From the work he did prior to the exploratory trip, great communication during the search, timely on-going communication, and then most importantly through the closing process. Mehran treat you like family, and work as hard as he can for you. I’ll never use another realtor and neither should you. His greatest attribute, “he listens” and then asks thought provoking questions which insures you get what you really want.

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